Tragic Moments! Most Shocking Road Moments Filmed Seconds Before Disaster Will Surprise You

Tragic Moments! Most Shocking Road Moments Filmed Seconds Before Disaster Will Surprise You
From a high speed crash caught on video in Woodland hills, CA to moment a self-driving Tesla crash on Bay Bridge or plane crashes into trees in Sweden, each moment on the road unfolds be a incredible story and makes us worry about the unpredictable risks in everyday life on the road moments.
This video is made for educational purposes and contains significant original text- commentary on the road moments.
A pickup truck ran the red light going westbound on Shepherd colliding with a Hyundai headed northbound on Friant with a green light. So bad driver on the road moments!
The police will definitely give him a ticket
Given a truck’s size and limited maneuverability, truck driver ften need more space and time to change lanes compared to smaller vehicles. Be more careful on the road moments.
0:32 Truck drivers must exercise utmost caution when crossing paths with trains to ensure safety at all times on the road moments.
0:39 Truck with blowout hit from behind while waiting to get to shoulder then gets struck again on the road moments.
0:45 Sports cars like Ferraris are luxurious on the road moments.
0:55 A passenger car caught fire violently on a California highway on the road moments.
1:15 After takeoff in Sweden, plane crashes into trees and then landing on road that cause witness go to panic on the road moments.
1:31 a pickup truck losing control near broken down vehicle nearly caused a tragedy. Thanks God no one was injured on the road moments.
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