Provisions Cars & Coffee Pullouts & Sends! – May 2024

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Another awesome turnout at Provisions Cars & Coffee this morning! It’s nice to see this awesome show grow each month. Soon they will need a new location for sure. I’m trying my best to make these videos as long as I can for you guys that enjoy the long videos! Back at Central Florida tomorrow morning! Thanks for all the support!!

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** I Do not encourage anyone to drive recklessly on any roadway. I Simply stand there and record cars leaving car shows. I also don’t instigate people to do anything. All decisions are up to the drivers. **

Hello! Thanks for checking out my channel! I go to different cars and coffee shows in my area and record cars as they leave. I cover different Cars & Coffee Events Across Florida. I also travel to Different Mustang events every year and cover those events!

I strive to record high quality footage of the cars leaving these shows and upload the same day!

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– Ford Guy.

Psalms 139.11 ✝️
All Glory Goes to God!

0:00 Intro
0:14 Cars Entering!
12:31 Pullouts!
38:59 Outro

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