I Flew To BOSTON To Help @RichRebuilds FINISH His Turbo Hybrid VW Rabbit

Rich Rebuilds is creating the world’s wildest VW Rabbit pickup truck. It’s powered by a turbo Hayabusa with a hybrid system making it AWD. I flew into Boston and was escorted VIP style down the highway (being the President and all) to help finish up the Rabbit. Rich had me do the one job I don’t do, paint and body work… so I gave it the old college try, here it is.

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Common Questions:

What motorcycle do I ride? A few. Ducati 1198, Honda Goldwing, Honda Grom, Honda Ruckus

What do I do for a living? Make YouTube videos.

Can you wheelie? No, I suck.

Are you fast? Sort of. I suck mostly though.

Where can I keep up with you off the bike?

Instagram: WatchJRGo

Facebook: WatchJRGo (or JRGo, FB hates my branding)

Do you go to school? College, for 2 classes.

Why do you ride so dangerously? What do mean? I was doing 25.

Do you go to the track? Of course, hopefully there will be videos in the future.

Do you play video games? No, but I might stream N64 Goldeneye at some point. Twitch: WatchJRGo

Are you afraid the police will watch your videos and arrest you? Something something evidence something something warrants and due process of law

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