Best Mini Cooper F56 Intercooler Upgrade // MMR Performance

The BEST Mini Cooper F56 intercooler upgrade is the one from MMR Performance! They’ve went above and beyond to R&D their performance intercooler to keep your F56 Mini Cooper nice and cool when under boost. 😬🤘🏼

Check out the links below to purchase any of the parts installed in todays video and don’t forget to use coupon code BERTINI for a discount from 😍

2014 – 2020 Mini Cooper F56 JCW Performance Intercooler Upgrade MMR05-1401:

2014 – 2020 Mini Cooper F56 S Performance Intercooler Upgrade MMR05-1402:

A larger intercooler is a MUST for the Mini Cooper F56 platform even if you’re not planning on tuning your Mini Cooper and upping the boost pressure. The Cooper F56 platform is known to suffer from “heat soak” issues, and it’s probably one of the first mods that a tuner will tell you that you should buy. 🔥

One of my favorite features about the MMR Performance intercooler upgrade is that MMR thought through the design of the intercooler to make it the most efficient it can possibly be, and they added an air-duct style system to direct air into the intercooler for even better cooling performance. 🥶

MMR Performance did an excellent job on producing the best intercooler for the Mini Cooper, in my opinion. Kudos! 🤘🏼

The fitment, finish and overall quality of the intercooler is flawless and I would HIGHLY recommend that if you’re in the market for an intercooler upgrade, make sure to go checkout MMR Performance.

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